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The documenting of feeling

Alex Thomson
2 December
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Hi I am Alex I hope you like me journal
I really love music and suck a bit at life
But i'm doing my best to win the battle
alex parks, alisha's attic, almost famous, amy winehouse, annie, annie hardy, aqualung, ash, avril lavigne, azure ray, badly drawn boy, basement jaxx, beck, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, beth orton, black rebel motorcycle club, blink 182, bloc party, blur, boy meets world, bright eyes, cast, charlotte hatherley, chemical brothers, chocolate, coldplay, comedy, conor oberst, courtney love, craig nicholls, damien rice, daria, dave grohl, david gray, delays, dido, dirty pretty things, don mclean, doves, ed harcourt, elbow, elizabeth wurtzel, ella guru, elliott smith, father ted, feeder, feeling, feist, frou frou, futurama, garden state, gemma hayes, giant drag, hope of the states, house, idlewild, imogen heap, interpol, jack black, jack white, james, jeff buckley, jem, jesse malin, jj72, joanna newsom, joni mitchell, kate hudson, katie melua, keane, kurt cobain, lamb, london, lonely, love, marilyn manson, massive attack, mena suvari, michael moore, michel gondry, minnie driver, miss kittin, moby, moves, muse, music, nick drake, nick hornby, norah jones, peace, pete doherty, pink, placebo, poetry, polly harvey, q magazine, r.e.m, rachael yamagata, radiohead, red dwarf, red hot chili peppers, regina spektor, richard ashcroft, ricky gervais, rilo kiley, rock and roll, royksopp, ryan adams, sarah polley, scarlett johansson, scrubs, selma blair, sia, simon& garfunkel, simple kid, sol seppy, song lyrics, spirtualized, starsailor, stephen fry, sylvia plath, the arcade fire, the clash, the coral, the darkness, the doors, the flaming lips, the music, the polyphonic spree, the rapture, the research, the simpsons, the smiths, the strokes, the thrills, the vines, the white stripes, the zutons, thora birch, tom mcrae, tracey emin, travis, u2, uncool, vanessa carlton, willy mason, yeah yeah yeahs, zero 7, zooey deschanel