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The documenting of feeling
Count to ten 
7th-Jan-2008 04:22 pm
Hi I don't want to live my live with half a heart I want to feel whatever I love and not worry about what other people may think about it . I just feel like I could be so much more . I would love to be a song a day I would love to have a top to say what song I was a take words from the song today I would be Enemies friends by hope of the states and the line would be " Come on people keep yr friends close yr enemies wont matter in the end " . I would love to do something with my heart something I feel good about . I think I am better with people they make me happy . Someone on the train the other day said to her friend please don't hurt my feelings . I think we forget how easy it is to do that a hurt feeling can hurt for years it is like a cut you can not stop bleeding . I hope that I understand what I want to do soon I guess this is my life all I have to do is live it
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