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The documenting of feeling
It's a wonderful lie 
27th-Dec-2007 09:07 am
Hi I hope that everyone had a lovely xmas and get just what they wanted . I get lots of nice things and had a nice dinner and we want down to the sea yesterday and that was nice we have done that for years . I like to see the shops after xmas and the people all seem happy . Everyone seems to want to do new things in 2008 new job new home but I am not saw how must of that will really happen it is easy to set out goal but hard to make them come true . I was very happy other day I get to talk to Lisa-Marie on the phone the other day and she is just lovely everything that I had hoped her voice is as sweet as sugar . We talked about music and that made me very happy I hope that we will talk again . I am not up to much for the next few days I have get The Riches on video I really love that show how far could you take a lie for a better life ? I hope that it is going to be a happy new year fall of love joy hope and happiness and if you have a bad day remember there is always tomorrow
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