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The documenting of feeling
Love made visible 
18th-Dec-2007 12:50 pm
Hi . Life is ok even if I do feel a bit lonely and feel a bit funny I wish that I could see more people . people make me feel good and happy I believe in them and all the good they have in them . I think I where me heart to must on my sleeve it is hard not to get upset or to feel lost " If I find my way how must will I find " . I have get a very nice bit on my facebook page where friends can define you and I have get so many nice world on there . Someone ones asked me " why don't you feel about yourself " but I think over time and with a lot of hard work I can say I do like how I am and I do feel good about myself I feel good inside . I can not believe that there are just 7 days till xmas it just does not feel like it . I guess that is what happens when you get older . I am hoping to talk to Emma from College later it is always nice to hear from her . I am missing everyone there I hope that they are all well .

" The idea with music is if you fail , you fail grandly "
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