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The documenting of feeling
This what you do to me 
27th-Nov-2007 03:03 pm
Hi it is a really grey day today but I happy feeling good about life . It makes me really hope to talk to people and to find out about them . It is amazing how you can get people to open up by just being friendly . I think many people are so busy they never take time to stop and just have a talk and find out how other people are doing . You can find out so must if you just take the time to ask . I had a very nice talk with someone in a coffee shop yesterday and it made me feel really good for the rest of the day . I had a nice talk with Emma from College today it feels so nice to have some friends . She is really easy to get on with and always makes me feel happy. I feel so must better if I can talk about things . Sometimes I really feel like I am going to bust out of my skin and that there are just to must going on in my brain . I think when I talk to someone it is a way to get away from that and all my over thinking . It really was beautiful out yesterday all the little gold lights looked like stars it really could have been a picture . I hope that everyone is doing well I have not talked to James for a few weeks now .
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