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The documenting of feeling
This Joy 
13th-Dec-2007 08:45 am
Hi a week can be a very long time . I was the last day of college you the year yesterday so we all want out and get some food after for had done and that was very nice . I have not been out with friend for a long time so that was very nice . After that some of us when on for a drink but I was worrying about Marjorie and the time and how must drink some people where having . When did I turn in to a 50 years old men . I wish that I could be a bit more care free sometimes . It was very nice to have some time with everyone and to get to find out a bit more about them and why some people drink . Are we unhappy because we drink or do we drink because we are unhappy ? I think the last one . I can not believe that I did 12 weeks at college and come out the other side a better men . I can not wait to see everyone next year . I hope that they will all have a great new year . Other wise things are going fine with me . I think we may be going shopping this week and I do need to get a few things . I am happy for xmas I am going to see Stephanie Dosen I really love her album her music makes me very happy . I get to talk to James the other day he seem ok and very busy . Life at home is going ok I hope that it will stay that way .

" move into the light love

see how it pulls you in like a dream

fall into my arms now

oh how i pull you in like a dream

and you disappear like a flame against the sun

we are two and we are one

and its alright if you’re stuck in yourself

somehow the light finds its own way out "
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