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The documenting of feeling
17th-Nov-2007 08:30 am
Hi I really feel like I should just stop caring about anyone and I think that I will it is just to must hard work people don't care so why on earth should I . I think thing will be better that way . I try to be as nice as I can be and it gets me know where so to hell with it . I don't know why family take you on if they don't want you . I am alone in the world and I am happy with that all I need is a bit of money and music and I will be happy . I know that people like me for who I am and that is all that matter. I am going to put myself first and I don't care how does not like that . I really don't care if no one end up likeing me we come in to this world alone and go out alone . I am saw that no one will call me because no one ever does . In a few years I will have get out of this because this is not a way to live worrying all the time it will make me ill all I care about is getting college done and getting out of here . " We all need something to get us though this " " I want to be on my own " " What am I saying I am on my own "
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